In less than 30 years INALCO has achieved and strengthened its position in the domestic and international fine chemicals market.
During this period many changes have occurred, and we hope that the following brief profile of INALCO will provide our existing and potential partners with an insight into our present business activities, and the future guidelines we wish to pursue in an ever evolving scenario.
We are confident that, a better mutual knowledge and understanding will prove the way for the further success of our customers and of ourselves.
INALCO was incorporated in the early '70s, representing in Italy a number of foreign chemical manifacturers, mainly in the field of pharmaceutical active ingredients and food additives.
In Italy up to 1978 the lack of patent protection in the pharmaceutical field favoured the development of a remarkable production of bulk pharmaceuticals, either for the domestic market or export.
Consequently there was a constantly increasing demand for organic intermediates, most of them imported.
INALCO has always been one of the most active companies in this area, able to supply sophisticated products, with technically qualified support, always aware of the markets changing requirements.
As a natural consequence of this, INALCO expanded its commercial activity in different areas such as:

  • laboratory reagents, rapidly expanded into the biochemical sector;
  • food and animal feed stuff, where preservatives play a leading role;
  • products belonging to the "performance chemical category" mainly oriented towards plastics and rubber, adhesives, inks and varnish industries.

At the end of the years 70's INALCO decided to start up a manufacturing activity, pursuing a philosophy of a complete service to the customer.
The region selected to build the factories was the northern area of Tuscany, owing to the cooperation established with Florence University.
The last step undertaken was the realization of a Research Centre, in Montale (Tuscany), in order to complete our industrial initiative.
What the market is not able to offer can be analysed by our research team, evaluated for its chemical and environmental aspects and brought to industrial scale in our plants.
Inalco began in the early 70's representing in Italy a certain number of European and overseas chemical manufacturers specialized in the production and supply of intermediates, specialty chemicals, biochemicals and food ingredients.
The company is committed to continuing the development of new sources of products from around the world, and is always seeking new potential partners especially for innovative chemicals. At present the trading activities of Inalco can be related to four main areas:

Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals Division
Active ingredients and synthesis intermediates for pharmaceuticals, photochemicals, agrochemicals and dyestuffs. Sale agency agreements with leading manufacturers owning sophisticated and, in some cases, exclusive technologies and often fully back integrated on key starting products, e.g. antibiotics side chains, nitroaromatics, silanes, thiocompounds, nitroparaffins, acid chlorides etc.

Research Chemicals and Biochemicals Division -
High purity organic reagents (over 12.000 items), biochemicals and immunochemicals, protected aminoacids and reagents for peptide chemistry, bioactive peptides, phospholipids etc.

Food and Feed Division
A broad range of additives (e.g. preservatives, organic and inorganic pure salts, lactose) is distributed through our specialized organization.

Speciality and Performance Chemicals Division
Modified alkyd resins for adhesives, printing inks, paints and lacquers, natural and synthetic tackifying resins for adhesives, rosin derivatives for hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesives and sealants; phenolic antioxidants and alkylphenols; specialized monomers for advanced plastics; corrosion inhibitors, bactericides.

The wide range of products and services offered, and a highly specialized and accurate commercial and technical support, allowed Inalco to build into the Italian market the reputation of a dynamic and cooperative partner, as reflected by the growing number of regular customers and sales volume.