Carbohydrates are the most plentiful bioIogical compounds in nature, which have been known for many years, to have important roles in living systems, as the major source of metabolic energy.

Since the earth's origin, the availability of carbohydrates has been a vital factor and the chemical industry has exploited their extraction and modification, developing several carbohydrate derivatives, biologically active as such, or used as intermediates for other bioIogically active compounds.

The research, which has accompanied the development of carbohydrate chemistry, has shown the wide range of existing and possible future applications in food, chemical and pharmaceutical uses.

INALCO's team members are expert in the chemistry of carbohydrates, and have many years of experience in manufacturing commercial production quantities of sugars and their derivatives, clearly pursuing our main guideline: to obtain high level quality products for our customers, on a cost efficient basis.

Food and Feed Division